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MOT Testing

Here at Outram’s Garage we have a fully complete MOT testing facility and service centre.  All MOT’s are carried out here on-site by our own qualified technicians. We don’t send you vehicle anywhere else.

Why Do You Need an MOT ?

All vehicles over 3 years old need to have an MOT to ensure they meet all government legislation, including vehicle emissions. It involves and extensive number of checks to all parts of the vehicle  All the lights are checked  as well as headlamp beam adjustment.  Steering and suspension components are all checked.

Tyres are carefully checked  for cuts as well as tread depth.  Brake components are inspected externally and brake efficiency is checked on a roller tester. No dismantling is permitted in the MOT test. and it should not be considered  a substitute for  thorough annual service.

What Can You Do To Help?Outrams Garage Whitley Bay - MOT Service Centre

Before you bring your vehicle in for its MOT there are a few simple checks that you can do to help it along the way towards passing.

  • Check your fluids. Screen wash and oil levels should always be checked anyway.
  • Are your windscreen wipers ok? Any damaged or wipers can be an MOT fail.
  • Are your light bulbs working? Either replace them or let our vehicle technicians know and we’ll replace them for you.


Why Come to Outram’s?

Outram’s Garage have been the heart of Whitley Bay since 1926. All of our mechanics are fully qualified with many years experience. Our long standing business is built on a reputation of high quality, knowledge and experience, personal service and being valued every time. That’s why we have some many customers return to us time and again.

Book your car in for your MOT by calling us today.

Don’t Forget…

An MOT is great way to get an idea of the condition of your vehicle on the day, but and this is the big but, it’s not the same as getting your vehicle serviced correctly with correct high quality parts.





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